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many people have accused Kenny of ripping off Pearl Jam's "Yellow Ledbetter" for his song, "While We Cry," so this is a public service annoucement to all of the nobs out there who refuse to believe that Kenny DID NOT rip off Pearl Jam.
on October 10, 1998, during a chat session w/ KWS hosted by, i was able to ask Kenny myself::
bethanie - hey Kenny, i saw you in B'ham, AL last december, absolutely amazing show!! we miss you!! any plans on coming back any time soon??--i was wondering if there is there a reason why "WWC" and PearlJam's "Yellow Ledbetter" sound so much alike, or if it is purely an odd coincidence??
KWS - Bethanie, it is strictly a coincidence. My inspiration for writing "While We Cry" was Jimi's "Wind Crys Mary"
also, i found this in the House of Blues KWS chat session from March 01, 1996::
QUESTION: Kenny, it's great to see a hometown boy make it!!! What's the story with "While We Cry"? Did Pearl Jam rip you off or what?
KENNY WAYNE SHEPHERD: No. Each of those songs [is its] own song and they were each written at separate times. They have nothing to do with each other. If anything, it's more of a Jimi Hendrix influenced song rather than Pearl Jam.