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to the officially unofficial Kenny Wayne Shepherd Band page.
(yeahyeah, i know, it's a cheezy name, get over it)

last updated: June 28, 1999
live webcast of the Kenny Wayne Shepherd Band from Summerfest '99
July 03, 5:30pm, Pacific Standard Time
for more info:
This page was created to honour the pure talent that is Kenny Wayne Shepherd, the 22 year-old guitar god. On December 14, 1997, I was blessed with the ability to see the KWS Band when they played at the 5 Points South Music Hall in Birmingham, Alabama. Since the venue is general admission, I was able to stay front-row center for the entire show. Although unable to actually meet the band, I did have the luck to catch KWS's sweat towell after the show :) That towell has become my most prized possession. Ever since the show, I have been trying to find the time to create a page for KWS and his band, and now that time has come. Feel free to click around, and please sign my guestbook before you leave.

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