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okay, so this site hasn't been updated in almost 2 years, and last summer i promised to update soon and never did, and i'm sure no one even comes to visit anymore, so i've decided that it would probably be for the best if i just gave up on this site. i'll leave it online, but i won't be updating anymore. so whatcha see is whatcha get. sorry.

07 July 2002
5PointsPics (14 dec 97)
My 5PointsPics (23 feb. 00) 
the While We Cry / Yellow Ledbetter debate
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This page was created to honour the pure talent that is Kenny Wayne Shepherd. On December 14, 1997, I was blessed with the ability to see the KWS Band for the first time when they played at the 5 Points South Music Hall in Birmingham, Alabama. Since the venue is general admission, I was able to stay front-row center for the entire show. Although unable to actually meet the band, I did have the luck to catch KWS's sweat towell after the show :) That towell has become one of my most prized possessions. I was able to re-live that concert on February 23, 2000. The show was AMAZING, and I was able to get some really great pictures of Kenny and the band.

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